Mikser Festival Belgrade 2014

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Mikser Festival Belgrade

In the summer of 2014, in June, at the international exhibition – ‘’Mikser Festival 2014’’, the first model form technical wood – ‘’Classic set – seat, lid and footboard ‘’Kuknall’’ was shown.



The Design Festival in Belgrade is the biggest on the Balkan Peninsula. This year the event combined many and different genres of art, like: music, architecture, product, fashion, culinary and visual desing under the title ‘Utopia’. The aim of the event was to gather in one place a big number of authors, lecturers and critics in those fields.
Ghost Project is an international platform for talented individuals in the area of product design. Starting as a small local exhibition of unexecuted projects in 2006, Ghost Project has grown to one of the largest regional reviews of design talents from around the world, enhancing the exchange between designers from different cultural backgrounds and giving unique insight into upcoming design resources.

Social Innovation was for new concepts, initiatives and solutions that use design tools to strengthen community. They encouraged projects whose innovative features are driven by social demands rather than the market. Competition embraces creative re-combination of existing assets: human capital, cultural heritage, local craftsmanship and accessible innovative technology aiming at establishing communication, sustainability and sense of common wellbeing within a contemporary civic society.

Ghost project 2014: Social innovations” was a competition for young designers from South East Europe, requiring new concepts, initiatives and solutions, which use instruments for design to strengthen the community, encouraging projects, which innovatory functions are managed from the social demands and not form the market.
The selection was made from the jury:
Ana Kras – Product designer, photographer, Illustrator, New York, USA
Yelena Matich – Furniture designer, Professor at the Faculty of Forestry at Belgrade University, Serbia
Yovana Jang – Furniture designer, Director design, Pinwu Studio, Hangzhou, China
Maya Lalich – Architect, Creative director and founder, Mikser Festival, Belgrade, Serbia
Nikola Radeliekovich – Product Designer, Numen / ForUse, Zagreb, Croatia
Salih Teckerdjich – Product Designer, Professor, Academy of Fine artsin Sarajevo, Bosna and Herzegovina
Ghost Project is the Mikser Festival’s major Design Talent Platform which gathers about one hundred designers from all over the world. Ghost Project 2014 exhibition was taken place in an authentic 20th century apartment in Crnogorska 8 in Belgrade.



















Link to the video presenting the event:

All chosen contestants had the opportunity to present their ideas on the day of the opening, on the basis of which the elite international jury from:
Italy –  Isabella Inti – Architect, Professor at Politecnico di Milano
Netherlands – Dennis Lohuis – Designer, Founder of Young Designers and Industry
USA – Daniel Cosentino – Artist,  Lecturer at American University of Kosovo
rated the winners. Personally the director of the festival, architect Maya Lalich, in the presense of the curator of the project Yelena Matich and the artist Daniel Kontestino, handed ‘’ The Design Community Award’’ to the designer Iliya Lambov, for the project ‘’Kuknall’’, in the category ‘’Special Needs’’, as part of the gala ceremony at the closing of the festival.

 Photo Vesela Stanoeva.

Author of the article Iliya Lambov. Photographies up in the page, personal archive.