Month of Design Ljubljana 2014

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Month of Design Ljubliana


"Month of design Ljubljana", 2014 is a huge forum for fashion and product design in Europe with the ambition to become of world significance, competing with the world's design capitals like Milan, Paris, Tokyo and New York'' – that was said at the opening this year by the director of the festival Zmago Novak. The event is organised every year since 2003 up to this date, by ''Zavod Big – creative industries of South East Europe'' and the magazine, which they issue – Hise Magazine (House Magazine). The prestigious festival gathers designers and studios, who deal with product design and fashion, and it connects them with business and marketing experts , as well as representatives of different organizations. This year there was a special forum for architecture using wood, as a building material. ''Round Table'' forum for fashion, '' Stage 180° - product design'' – forum for product design. '' Design for food and beverages'' – space for the Spanish design , where 3D printers for food and beverages, and other high technological achievements in this field were shown.

brand and design

''Saddle with footboard''

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the new toilet monster

At the 'Mikser Festival 2014' in Belgrade, was noticed the potential of the innovation – foot board for toilet seat, and it received a proposal for participation in the ''Month of  Design 2014'', Ljubljana.

After the repeated selection from the local jury, ''Kuknall'' was approved for participation, along with three other new products, and presentation of the product, including the sketches from the birth of the idea, up to the sketches of the realization, as well as the models themselves, which were presented at the exhibition: ''Saddle with footboard'',  ''Classic set – foot board, seat and lid'', and  ''Predator'' for a standard toilet seat.

Chosen authors in the field of product design, in a series of short and provocative lectures, presented their inventions, and visions, how the managed to create their products with a hign added value, which could be generators of economic and social growth. Different stories, different view points, but all of them had common traits – this was ''Stage 180'' curated by Katarina Mravia. The designer Iliya Lambov made a short presentation, part of the program ''Stage 180°'' in which along with the different designers, presented his ideas and discussed them publicly. He showed the advantages of the ergonomic models, how precisely the modify the posture of a person, allowing dynamics in a position which is normally static. The guests and the audience accepted the models very emotionally , and at the moment where the possibility to ride the toilet was shown, everyone burst into laughter. After the "WOW" effect everyone started to look more in depth and from pure curiosity , how exactly the mechanism works and were coming closer to the models, opened and closed the lid and were looking at them from all sides. With certainty we can say that the models draw attention, leave a permanent and a pleasant memory.

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Author: Iliya Lambov, Photograph Vladislav Kostadinov.