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Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016


Kuknall Advances to 2016 GIST Tech-I Semifinals Round

Stambolijski, Plovdiv, Bulgaria/EU – Local startup, Kuknall, has advanced to the 2016 GIST Tech-I Semifinals for its promising innovation in health.

GIST Tech-I is an annual competition that challenges aspiring science and technology entrepreneurs in 135 emerging economies to pitch their ideas or startups to experts and the general public. The competition is part of the U.S. Department of State’s Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) initiative and has been implemented by the American Association for the Advancement of Science since 2014.

This year, more than 1,000 innovators from 104 emerging economies worldwide submitted their ideas or startups to GIST Tech-I. Only the top thirty will advance through an expert review stage and the semifinals public voting stage to showcase their innovations, receive one-on-one mentoring, and compete for seed capital prizes at the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in Silicon Valley, June 23-24.

After review by panels of regional, scientific, and entrepreneurship experts from around the world, Kuknall has been named one of just 102 2016 GIST Tech-I Semifinalists.

Kuknall is working to advance health by: helping people with sedentary lifestyle preventively, producing products for daily use in WC, enables people to lift up their legs, while being seated on the toilet seat and thus become in a squatting position. Lifted up, the hips press the inner parts, the colon is straighten and the puborectalis muscle, which is like lasso and kinked the colon, is fully relaxed. Breathing, the diaphragm push the rest and it regulates the digestive system, and stimulate the prostate inside. This in turn is the healthy, proper and natural position for elimination. Connected with Bluetooth to wearable or mobile devices it can launch data to prevent the users and help medical person to order drug prescriptions and provide other health services. Kuknall addresses some of the most widespread health issues in our century – colon diseases. In general more than 30% of the adults on earth, with sedentary lifestyle and using seating toilet, suffer from constipation. It result in haemorrhoids, colon cancer, colitis and more than 25 other related diseases, where Kuknall can be used for treatment, recovery and prevention.  The design of our products is according to the physiology of the human body and is the most natural and healthy way for elimination using standard toilet bowls - WC. Perfect fit for all ages, to mimic squatting over the standard seating toilet bowls. Our design solution combines all the advantages of the competitors and eliminates the disadvantages. Disadvantages like pain in the knees, numb feet, and medical conditions, at the same provides healthy posture that is easily adoptable and comfortable - Dynamic posture. Advantages like simple product that you can attach to your toilet bowl – you don’t need extra space for putting something under your feet - perfect fit in small private spaces. You can regulate the level of the footsteps according you preferences and needs. The newly developed design solutions from us guarantees pleasure and clean bowels without any pain or strain. Based on this physical product with healthy and everyday necessity features we can launch further products and supplements: body metrics sensors, web apps.

Thanks to Eleven AVCF, Sofia, BG/EU the Startup was founded in January 2015. Till now we made 4 prototypes and launch our first zero series of trial manufacturing run for test - Proof of concept realized with our private beta testers. Our next steps are to public beta and go to market. It is innovation. We also applied for patent of innovation in BPO #112039 by date 19,06,2015 and we are at pending period.

The team is young and ambitious, we’re open for new challenges. Our main goal is to change the people’s habits, adding new elements in their everyday life. But most of all we want to create general awareness about the problem of using flush toilets. And we offer a healthy and appropriate solution addresses the needs of people in this direction. We believe that, through creativity, we will achieve ®EVOLUTION and change in people’s culture.

Innovative change for life - the act of defecation become an act of recreation!

We strongly believe that: “The idea begins from the need. The need to create or modify an already existing object to make our lives easier.” Our goal is people to use these products all over the world!

In Kuknall’s pitch video and application to the GIST Tech-I Competition, Iliya Lambov demonstrated his idea’s technical feasibility, market potential, and the significance of the problem it addresses. Now, the global public’s online votes will help decide whether Kuknall advances as one of thirty GIST Tech-I finalists to represent Bulgaria and showcase its innovation to some of the world’s most successful investors and entrepreneurs at GES.

To help Kuknall advance to the 2016 GIST Tech-I Finals, watch the semifinalists’ pitch videos and vote every day until May 1 at Each time you vote, you will also have the opportunity to nominate Bulgaria to win GIST Regional Startup Boot Camp training resources in 2017.

Vote for Kuknall and help us win GIST-I Semifinals Round!

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