problem solved

Your knees above your hips!

for everyone


Because we are naturally designed to squat to eliminate.

Sitting on the toilet you're at high risk of getting the healthy problems occurring in old age!

The usage of the modern standard type of sitting WC is the reason for a number of ailments such as: Constipation which results in Hemorrhoids, but also Colitis resulting in Peritonitis; burst Appendicitis, Colon cancer and 25 other related diseases.

That's why we are here to help you! Suggesting easy and effective way

The footstep serve to prevent you from the harmful consequences from the usage of flush toilets.

Who is it for?

Kuknall is an effective means for prevention that should be used by everyone. The footstep is designed according to the physiology of the human body taking into consideration relevant medical research worldwide.

Recommended risk groups are mainly people with a sedentary lifestyle such as: office workers, professional drivers, pregnant women and other people with painful and difficult defecation, mostly suffering from ailments such as: Constipation, Hemorrhoids, Colitis, Peritonitis, Colon cancer, etc.

 This way is the most natural and healthy way for elimination. 

Dynamic posture enhancing quality and quantity! Enjoy it

How does it help?

The footstep enables people to lift up their legs while sitting and thus mimic squat over the toilet. When legs raised, knees are near the shoulders, hips, keep your abdominal muscles and inhale, the diaphragm pushes the rest. The use of Kuknall has a number of physiological benefits:

  • Reduces strain during bowel movement. The colon is straightened and the muscles are fully relaxed.
  • No numb feet.
  • Relieves pain and regulate the daily tract for elimination
  • Facilitates the whole process helping other systems -Digestive and Reproductive
  • Prevents subsequent complications and eliminates potential health risks
  • Allows the functions of your body to regenerate and recreate



To protect my son from such hereditary problems in the future, once I trained him how to go to the toilet using this footstep!

Krasi Stavrev Krasi Stavrev - graphic designer - Studio Punkt

I put it in our office and we are delighted with the minimalist design of the product! I recommended it to our clients 🙂

Galina Bumbalova Cofounder Panta Design Studio

I am a graphic designer and I work every day sitting. Steps is a decision that I solve the problem in the bathroom.

Krasi Stavrev Krasi Stavrev - graphic designer - Studio Punkt

I’m the first customer! At home I use it not only I, but my 7 years old son too! The feeling is great and I can`t replace it with other products!

Geo Kalev Geo Kalev - founder - Studio Fo

I saw the product at the exhibition in Inter Expo Center in Sofia on “Techno Mebel –  World of Furniture” 2016 and immediately ordered!

Galina Bumbalova Cofounder Panta Design Studio