Healthy Tips

Squatting posture makes defecation (bowel movement) faster, easier and more complete. It helps to prevent “fecal stagnation” – a major factor in colon cancer, appendicitis and inflammatory bowel disease.

Squatting posture protects the nerves that control the prostate and bladder from stretching and injury.

Squatting posture seals well the ileocecal valve between the small and large intestines, in the conventional sitting position this valve have no support and often released during defecation, contaminating the small intestine.

When a person is squatting the rectal passage which is normally folded 90 degrees stands and relieves. This passage is normally closed at all times except when squat. In squatting posture intestine is supported by the hips. This helps to avoid hernia and diverticula, which are often the result of many years of pushing in sitting posture. Published clinical studies show that squatting is a highly effective non-surgical treatment method against hemorrhoids. Squatting posture prevents pressure on Uther and prepare pregnant women for a natural birth. Using “Kuknall” you can be in Sitting and Squatting simultantly. This posture prevents leg cramps in calves and thighs.