Products Overview

We produce three different shapes, covering all the types of toilets. So you can choose this one who suits best to your toilet bowl model. The base is Inox chrome - mate.




With simple design, these  compact models extends only 35 mm(inch and a half) outside of the plate. Suitable even close to a wall. Attached over the plate, the pipe does not touch the floor. When not in use retracts to the plate, so you can easily clean the floor. Best for opening the door in small toilet room. Minimal as shape and forms, they do not hold bacterias and excrements. Even with one hand you can easily adjust the level, according to your personal preferences, thanks to the sliding mechanism, so your  bailey is not a problem anymore. This universal products are suitable for all ages. You can use it daily, with one leg or both - taking Dynamic posture during elimination, without numb feet. Made of high quality stable materials it is hard enough to resist you. The sliding mechanism is mounted with 8 bolts each of it are able to exist pressure from 600 kg, so don't worry we made trials and it is strong enough.