Self-cleaning smart toilet for everyone

Easy to clean and maintain. This minimal design form can be placed outdoors or indoors in the living room, bedroom or bathroom as a self-sufficient product.


Upstanding, Sitting or Squatting

Build from composite materials with nanotech it has: -“Sensor Ring” recognition for automatic door opening; -“Soft seater” full with air removing numb feet; - Hermetic closed doors for “Self Cleaning” with steam system taking water and chemicals from the upper tank and ultra blue light for sterilization; - The bottom tank filter and recycle the eliminated “Biomaterials”; Connected with bluetooth to mobile devices the product allows users to use it with voice commands or with HMI via web. Cloud based data with artificial Intelligence can help preventive and to connect users with nutritionist or GP.


We are designed to squat!

The egg is the most simple natural design form linked with - "Nature" - "Health" - "Philosophy". This design allows users to use it upstanding, sitting or squatting - the most natural postures, that should be used by everyone in a public or private spaces. Squatting to eliminate - helps people with painful and difficult defecation by decreases strain and facilitate the process. This product design improves the condition of people with diseases of the colon by stimulating the human’s ability for self-healing.